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Blushing Faces Meme Ft. VY2 Roro by Tayday12 Blushing Faces Meme Ft. VY2 Roro :icontayday12:Tayday12 8 9 Unicorn Frappuccino Mimikyu - Paint Along by TsaoShin Unicorn Frappuccino Mimikyu - Paint Along :icontsaoshin:TsaoShin 3,158 289
Butterfly. One-shots
Sting Eucliffe || Male!Reader
"Do we have milk? " asks Sting as he searches through the fridge.
"Sting. No. Don't even think about it. " [M/n] warns him as he chops up some vegetables for the dinner he was making.
"Why not? " he asks as he finally finds the milk and pulls out a tall glass.
"Because once you feed a cat they'll never leave. "  Sting sighs at the words and puts both the milk and the glass on the table and comes up behind his husband, holding him by the waist and resting his chin on his shoulder. [M/n] ignores him and keeps cutting up the vegetables for the stew.
"But babe. If we don't feed him, he'll starve to death, he's just a kitty and it's clear that his mother abandoned him. "
[M/n] winces slightly. He didn't want any living creature to lose their life because of him.
"Plus. It's not a baby but won't it be nice to raise something that's alive? Watch it grow? " he says as he presses a kiss to [M/n]'s neck.
The two males had been married for over four yea
:iconashe-senpai:Ashe-senpai 52 0
Sonic Shipping Meme by ameth18 Sonic Shipping Meme :iconameth18:ameth18 13 27 Hope Commission by GasaiV Hope Commission :icongasaiv:GasaiV 123 29
Mature content
Glee: Tickle Fever Part 2 :icongiantxxx2:GIANTXXX2 14 7
Tag Yourself: The WWE Edition by MissAbigailWyatt Tag Yourself: The WWE Edition :iconmissabigailwyatt:MissAbigailWyatt 14 15 WWE: Youse Is Tiny! by MissAbigailWyatt WWE: Youse Is Tiny! :iconmissabigailwyatt:MissAbigailWyatt 12 10 WWE: Showy Trio by MissAbigailWyatt WWE: Showy Trio :iconmissabigailwyatt:MissAbigailWyatt 12 2 AJ Lee Poster Illustration by edwinhuang AJ Lee Poster Illustration :iconedwinhuang:edwinhuang 347 50
Glee: Tickle Fever Part 1

“Alright everybody, welcome back and I hope you all had a nice spring break” Mr. Schu announced as he waltzed into the choir room. “If you call traveling across the country for an aunt’s funeral that you’ve never actually seen nice, then yeah” Kitty added. “I sat home and binged Netflix and ate M&M’s until I realized they all tasted the same” Ryder mentioned, a few of them giving him looks of idiocrasy. “Thank you for that Kitty and Ryder but I have something new to introduce today. I’ve noticed some of you have been struggling to keep up with breathing while dancing and singing so I wanted a way to increase breathing efficiency during performances” the enthusiastic man said before lifting a sheet off a hidden fixture near the piano, revealing a pair of padded stocks.
“What…is it?” Marley asked in
:icongiantxxx2:GIANTXXX2 21 8
Captured Nightwing by Daisy-Pink71 Captured Nightwing :icondaisy-pink71:Daisy-Pink71 62 23
Who are you? Hetalia x Strong!Scary!Odd!M!Reader
Long time ago there was a nation rise after the fall of the Roman Empire. His name was (c/n). At first, he was just like any normal country would do. Build a kingdom, build a system, and feed food to his people. Then something changes inside of him. He thought peace was boring and finally thought of an idea. Unite the world under his banner. His first objective was to build himself an empire. He harasses and declares war on his neighbors claiming the riches and land from his poor victims of war. War after war after the war he finally claims the title "Empire". The (c/n) Empire strikes fear across the world. Europe was to scare to fight against him and Asia was building walls in case of an attack by the evil empire. The (c/n) Empire laughs as the world was afraid of him. But the countries that (c/n) conquered or killed were reborn and revolt against him. Many countries took this opportunity and allied with each other to fight the (c/n) Empire. The war raged
:iconsolarxblack:SolarxBlack 21 1
Male!Reader x Injured!Scotland (Request)
“B-but, but mom!”
Yes, you were a grow man. Yes you could hold a house up and have a full time job. Yes you could do all those things. But, you still whined when your mother called you up and asked you to do something you didn’t want to.
“No buts, (Name)!” Came her more then harsh reply. You groaned, very tempted to ‘accidentally’ press the ‘end’ button on your cell phone.
Consequences be damned.
“I really am very busy mom. I don’t have time for community service....” You glanced over at your office, seeing the looming pile of paperwork tower over the cherry oak wood desk.
“It’s just once a day. Please? He’s a good friend of mine...” When she used that voice, you sighed, rubbing your cheek. Groaning, you finally gave in. She would have just pestered you and guilt tripped you all day until you had gotten black
:iconmrs-doitsu:Mrs-Doitsu 257 94
Mature content
America x Male!Reader ~The Reason [LEMON] :iconisland-of-atlantis:Island-Of-Atlantis 734 220
Mature content
You're Mine - Dark!Denmark x Male!Reader :iconjini-sama:Jini-sama 482 123


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